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High-quality raw materials and modern equipment guarantee incombustible properties of mineral wool plates
Logistics is time-tested. We will deliver quickly, without delay, at a convenient time for you

Geometric dimensions
Length, mm: 1000
Width, mm: 600
Thickness, mm: 50-200
Physical and mechanical characteristics
: 0,035
Thermal conductivity, W/mK, λ25: 0,038
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, kPa, not less than: 30
Water absorption at short-term and partial immersion, kg / m3, not more: 1,0
Organic matter content, % by weight: 4,0
Humidity, % by weight, no more: 0,5
Tensile strength perpendicular to the front surfaces, kPa, not less than: 12
: 0,3
Flammability, group: НГ
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